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  • 【MATERIAL】: All parts are made of good specifications, long service life, stable performance, use with more confidence.
  • 【EFFICIENCY】: Easy to rotate even if the clearance in the axial direction is adjusted to a small value, the frictional resistance is small, the structure is simple, and the assemble is easy.
  • 【STABILITY】: With ball motion, the aerodynamic force is very small and there is no crawling phenomenon of sliding motion.
  • 【PROCESS】: Advanced technology, responsive and super wear-resistant, has oil resistance and electrical insulation.
  • 【QUALITY】: Various steps, threads, keyways, precise and detailed processing dimensions.

TEN-HIGH Ball Screw CNC parts SFU1204 RM1204 with nut

  • Specification:
    Size: 12mm/4mm/100mm(DIA./Helical Pitch/Length)
    Manufacturing Process:Rolled Thread
    Precision:C7 Grade
    Material:GCr15 steel


    1.With ball motion, the aerodynamic force is very small,no crawling phenomenon of sliding motion.
    2.Positive and negative rotation: can provide left and right rotation butt,high-precision positioning.
    3.Absorbs shock, compensates radial, angular and axial deviations
    4.Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation characteristics are exactly the same.
    5.Hinged or stop-screw fixed coupling, can be processed according to customer requirements.